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Suicide: Let's Talk About It 

Learn about suicide and it's many aspects including: statistics, sensitive language, protective/risk factors, warning signs, how to help someone, aftercare, and resources. 

Stand Against Underage Drinking

Parents & teens get the facts and the latest information on preventing underage drinking  

How to Start a Difficult Conversation with a Co-worker: "Are you okay?"

Discuss mental health, warning signs in our coworkers, and how to have a sensitive conversation with them

Over-the-Counter Medications: What You Should Know

Learn about commonly misused over-the-counter medications, warning signs of misuse, and how to keep your home safe.

Understanding Substance Use in Our Military & Veterans

Learn about the unique challenges these populations face, stigma, how you can help, and treatment options that are available.

Opioid Misuse Awareness

Raise awareness about opioids and heroin and how misuse can affect your life and of those around you. 

Medication Safety For Seniors

Learn about medication safety, organization, disposal tips, and more!

Let's Talk About Anger

Learn about anger, the cycle of anger, common misconceptions, and anger management skills.

Be Smart, Be Aware: The Dangers of Drugs

Drug facts, emerging drug trends and information, signs and symptoms to be aware of

Staying Safe in an Online World

We are living in a post COVID-19 world, where many daily things are still done virtually! Learn about general online safety tips, how to keep children safe online, and what to do if you or your child is to encounter an issue.

Let's Talk About the 3 S's: Stress, Substance Use, & Social Media

Learn about these three hot topics in our society today!

Trauma & Resilience: Surviving and thriving

Assists anyone touching the life of a person touched by trauma to understand the basic principles of trauma impact and building individual and community resilience. 

Simple Strategies to Decrease Stress

Learn ways to decrease stress and its effects at home, school, and work for both parents and their children. 

VFHY Fentanyl Prevention Lesson

Prevention education provided for grades K-12 about products that contain nicotine like cigarettes, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and more. In 2024, VFHY launched a similar structured prevention lesson on the Dangers of Fentanyl. 

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