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About CIBH

​At Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, we are committed to helping those in our city whose lives are affected by mental health, substance use or developmental disabilities. We assist them to lead satisfying lives and reach their fullest potential. To do this, we offer an array of services and supports. Whether you’re seeking help for a baby who seems a little behind in his or her developmental milestones, assistance identifying and linking with community resources, counseling to cope with grief, support to overcome anxiety, depression or drug addiction, or if you find yourself facing a crisis and need immediate mental health intervention, we are here for you.
Call 757-547-9334 and let us know how we can help. For 24-hour emergencies services, call 757-548-7000.


​Prevention is designed to empower individuals, families, communities and systems to meet the challenges of life events and transitions without resorting to unhealthy behaviors. Our focus involves creating and implementing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Working with our community partners like Chesapeake R U Ready? and Chesapeake Public Schools, we offer free programs and workshops to the community! 

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